Take home Broadway souvenirs to make your time memorable!

Broadway is just one of the many popular destinations in NYC, but it stands out as one of the reasons that many people flock to the city. It's truly like stepping into another world, a world away from the chaos of everyday life, and it's where you can forget all your troubles for a few hours.

When you see a Broadway show, don't leave empty handed! The following are just 12 of the souvenirs you can't pass up on when you take in a show.


12 Broadway Souvenirs You Can't Miss

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1. Broadway Candy


This delicious gift is handmade right here in New York and feature both the famous Broadway sign (green apple flavored) and the Big Apple (red delicious flavor).

This gift is affordable and great for kids, teens, and adults alike! Pick up your own HERE.

2. Jewelry inspired by Broadway

If you are looking for something to both add a little bit of sparkle to your time on Broadway, and to serve as a dazzling souvenir of your experience, you simply cannot go wrong with earrings inspired by one of the most famous musicals in the world.

The Phantom of the Opera is a true Broadway classic. These earrings take the classic and add a contemporary spin on them, with a style and elegance that will definitely shine the spotlight on you.


3. Playbill

When you attend a show you’ll be handed a playbill, and it actually makes one of the best souvenirs that you can get from your time on Broadway.

It makes a great addition to your memory box at home, or you can put it into a shadow box with some other memories from your trip; it’ll make a great display for your wall.

As lovely as your playbill is as a stand-alone souvenir, you may want to try and get it autographed by some of the actors of the show you are seeing.


4. Autographing other items

Whether you’re getting your Playbill autographed, or you are opting for something else that you might have on hand, an autograph is an authentic Broadway souvenir that you can’t go wrong with.

Not only is it a great memento of your time in the city, but you just never know if that actor who signed your napkin is going to hit it bigger one day.

Some shows offer signing opportunities, or you can wait outside after the show until you run into someone from the cast.

5. Program

Souvenir programs are available at Broadway shows, and they're a popular item to pick up. Programs typically include photographs, information about the show, and behind-the-scenes information.

You can either get it framed, or put it in a binder or scrapbook to ensure it stays neat for years to come. It can also be a great addition to your shadowbox, or other NYC inspired craft project.

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6. T-shirt and Other Apparel

One of the reasons a t-shirt makes such a wonderful memento is that you can proudly wear it for many great years to come. They also make great gift options for that Broadway fan on your shopping list.

Beyond t-shirts, you could also pick up hats, sweatshirts, and other apparel that will be great mementos of your time in the city.

Whether you sleep in it each night, work out in it, or just break it out when the mood strikes, each time you look at your shirt, you’ll be flooded with warm reminders of the fabulous time that you had watching a show on Broadway.


7. Holiday Ornaments

An ornament is a delightful souvenir that you are sure to treasure each and every time that you hang it up in your home when the holidays roll around.

Look for something that is not just a memory of Broadway, but is a memory of the actual show that you saw when you were in the city.

8. Framed mementos

One great do-it-yourself memento is to take your Playbill, your ticket, and a photo of yourself at the show, put it all together in a frame, and put it up in your home. By the end of the show, you'll already have everything you need, you just have to buy a frame.

There are also ready-framed options to be found in gift shops, so keep your options open when you are shopping.


9. A picture with someone from the cast

Talk about a wonderful souvenir! An autograph is great, but if you can get a picture with someone from the cast, even better.

Many theatres offer specific times for taking pictures with the cast, or you can wait outside of the theatre with other fans of the show until the cast members come out for autographs and photos.

Be sure to bring your camera, or at least keep your phone charged so that you don’t miss your chance to get the shot.

10. Show Poster

If you are a true fan of theatre and musicals, then a show poster is a great choice for you to pick up. Whether you hang it in your media room, your office, or even your living room, you’ll find that a framed poster can be a beautiful fit in your home.

Buy the poster on its own and get it professionally framed when you get home, for a result that is truly a great memory of your time in the city.

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11. Coffee mug, or Other Drinkware

If you're a big coffee, tea, or hot cocoa drinker, what better way to enjoy it then with a mug from your favorite Broadway show?

Look beyond the coffee mug and perhaps opt for a stainless steel travel mug, or even a shot glass. There are plenty of great options to suit all personal preferences.

12. Show DVD

There's nothing like seeing a Broadway show live, but it can often be hard to get tickets to popular shows, and sometimes it can also wind up being a bit expensive. With this in mind, consider buying a DVD and you can enjoy the experience any time you watch it.

Often the DVD includes commentary from the cast, as well as backstage secrets.


There are so many Broadway souvenirs you can pick up, but it's all subjective as to which one is better for you depending on your preferences. However, know that you'll have quite a few options, and there's certainly something for everyone to enjoy!

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