Holiday crunch and need a gift? Look no further. Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, we covered it all so you don't have to.


Looking for the best Christmas shopping spots in NYC 2018, or a gift that really speaks New York? Whether you’re buying gifts to remind family and friends of their trip to the the Big Apple, or want to share with them your own experiences, this list has everything you need.

We've shopped around for the best NYC Christmas and holiday gifts in the city and these 14 came out on top.

Here is a quick preview of the gifts:

#1 [Winner of Best Travel Gift Category] New York Hand Crafted Cube - Hand crafted cube of NYC skyline from the wood of walnut, maple, pine, oak, and cherry. Has in it Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, One World Trade Center aka Freedom Tower, and The Flatiron Building.  

#2 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree - Carved from wood, this Christmas Tree is the perfect keepsake and centerpiece to capture the spirit of the holidays. Better yet, it'll last year after year and smells good too!

#3 Handcarved Winter Silver Birchwood Christmas Ornaments - Holiday ornaments intricately hand-crafted by a master wood worker in Brooklyn.

#4 Wood Art Treasure Chest - Handcrafted, treasure chest which features the New York City skyline and is made entirely from wood parts, so it's kid friendly and makes for a great gift.


#5  Ornamental Christmas Tree Features the Big Apple Christmas ornament hanging off a delicately carved wooden Christmas Tree with NYC base

#6 Chrysler Building Reimagined - 18 karat gold plated necklace. Designed in New York.

#7 Crocheted Statue of Liberty - Made entirely by hand, it makes for a fantastic gifts for both kids and the kid at heart.

#8 Travel in Style Bracelet - NYC Designed adjustable cuff bracelet with Subway Map etched on stainless steel

#9 Steel Cut Map - Laser etched from steel and framed in black wood

#10 Broadway Lights - Swarovski Crystal Gold Inlaid NYC Broadway Earrings

#11 Let's Go Mets! - Limited Edition hand-stitched baseball Citi Field Baseball

#12 Holiday Gift Basket - 24 Spices of the Season  - Seasonings for the perfect poultry, pies, cider, and brines

#13 Organic Candy - Big Apple candy that's made in NYC!

#14 Holiday Postcards - Designed by hand, cute and colorful

Bonus: Limited Edition Snow Globe -Featured snow globe with 15 NYC major landmarks

All of these spectacular holiday gifts are made and designed by local New York artisans and inspired by the city itself.

Here are amazing New York City gifts for all your loved ones!
Lets get started.

14 Made in New York Christmas Gifts [Holiday Guide 2018]


1.  Wood Carved New York City Skyline
Hand crafted cube from the wood of walnut, maple, pine, oak, and cherry.

holiday-giftsThis crafty cube at first seems like just that, a cube… until you open it. Once opened, it shows an artistic interpretation of the iconic New York skyline, such as The Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, One World Trade Center aka Freedom Tower, and The Flatiron Building.The New York Cube represents the diversity and uniqueness of the city. It looks like a puzzle piece when closed, as modern art when half opened and as a New York City skyline when opened wide. Find this Cube here.

New York Cube

Each wood cube is a hand crafted, one-of-a-kind item that unique from one another. Made with different blend of wood (maple, walnut, pine, oak, and cherry) used to create each piece. All cubes embody 4 different wood types as part of the intricate crafting.


Each wood cube is a hand crafted, one-of-a-kind item that unique from one another. Made with different blend of wood (maple, walnut, pine, oak, and cherry) used to create each piece. All cubes embody 4 different wood types as part of the intricate crafting.

This is a Santa gift that needed to happen, and the maker of it actually looks like Santa Claus! Hence you can really tell everyone that it's Santa's workshop in action. This makes for a truly amazing Christmas gift.

2. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree


Inspired by the giant Christmas Tree that's ceremoniously lit every December at Rockefeller Center in New York City, this gorgeous Winter Silver Birch wood Christmas Tree deserves a place in every home. It's strong, water resistant, child safe, and naturally smells like wintergreen. 


This Christmas Tree centerpiece makes for fantastic home decor and will last year after year. It features the NYC skyline and falling snowflakes, but the 3D star at the top is the best part of this design. You can find it exclusively available HERE.

3. Handcarved Wood Ornaments 
For the Kid Inside You (or For Your Kids!) - Holiday Orb Decoration intricately hand-crafted and made from real Winter Silver Birch wood.


These adorable Brooklyn crafted Christmas ornaments are the perfect gift for kids, or those young at heart. Holiday Orbs are a new twist on traditional ornaments and decorations. They are handmade, natural and, what's most important, meaningful and personal, as every Ornament is bearing a wish that's based on legends as displayed by the intricately carved patterns.

These expert crafters have created a concoction of joy with whimsical  accents. Be inspired, be merry, and share the holiday spirit.

If you're going to be in the Big Apple for the holidays, don't forget to visit the wondrous tree lighting in Rockefeller Center and go ice skating in full view of of those dazzling Christmas lights! Hang these beauties on your own tree and never forget the experience. Take a look!

4. Wood Art Treasure Chest


This chest holds the wonder of both New York and of the holidays. It's made entirely out of wood with no metal parts and is completely kids safe and features New York carved into the top surrounded by intricate filigree. The city skyline and Brooklyn Bridge is etched onto the sides of this chest for a true NYC feel.

This chest can be used to store children's toys, as a jewelry box, cigar box, gift box, and more! 

5. Ornamental Christmas Tree


This 3 piece wooden set is incredibly detailed and ornately carved by a Brooklyn born master wood worker. The Big Apple skyline ornament is attached to the tree with a gold plated loop, and the base features New York City surrounded by fluttering Snowflakes.

The Christmas Tree is incredibly durable and waterproof,  and looks gorgeous in any home. Give it as a gift to a loved one and friend, or keep it for yourself, either way, Christmas joy is bound to be spread. Find them HERE.

6. Chrysler Building Reimagined
18 karat gold plated necklace.

Chrysler_Necklace_GOLD_largeInspired and designed to reflect the style and shine of New York City’s gorgeous architecture, this Chrysler Building necklace is a true show stopper. Carefully engraved this piece is a work of art in its own right, just like the building it represents.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, this timeless statement piece is a classy way to show the best that New York has to offer. As far as high fashion jewelry goes, this piece has it all, and your loved one will be thrilled to wear an NYC fashion runway design that glitters just as bright as the city during the holidays. Go here to see more of this elegant gift.

7. Crocheted Statue of Liberty

Soft Kids Toys

This adorable plush Statue of Liberty is perfect for kids and anyone who loves cute things! It's made entirely from hand and is certainly attractive and makes for a cool alternate to the typical kitsch plastic Statue of Liberties you see in the souvenir shops. Pick one up HERE.

8. Travel in Style 
NYC Designed adjustable cuff bracelet with Subway Map etched on stainless steel .

cuffgenNYC is famous for its subway system, first conceived in 1827. Today, it’s the way the whole city gets around. Whether you know someone wanting to come to New York, or who’s been here before, there’s nothing more iconic than an MTA metro map. Of course, a flimsy piece of paper wouldn’t make a great gift.That’s why it’s been engraved on this tarnish free stainless steel cuff bracelet.

Sit back while your friends and family endlessly send you a stream of thank yous as they navigate the New York City streets like a pro, without looking like a tourist.

Even better, they'll get to see all the sites they wanted to without spending so much time getting lost! Don't forget to recommend they visit the holiday shopping centers like Chelsea Market, and the gorgeous Rockefeller Center for the Christmas tree lighting!

9. Steel Cut Map


Super cool and always trendy, this steel cut map features Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. It comes with the frame and can hang on the wall or stand on its own. It looks especially great in the office and home for an ultra suave modern feel.

If you're not sure what to get him for Christmas, this unique laser etched metal masterpiece is an easy place to start. 

10. Broadway Lights
Swarovski Crystal Inlaid Phantom of the Opera Earrings.


Nothing says New York better than a trip to Broadway. Performers from around the globe swarm to make it here, and to be amazed by the magic that unfolds, and you can give that magic too. Not by performing of course, but by dazzling the senses with these sparkly gold earrings inlaid with real Swarovski crystals.

For an added effect, give this gift to her during an actual Broadway show! If you're unsure which one, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes is always in vogue.

Designed to resemble the infamous Phantom of the Opera mask, these earrings are sure to turn heads and inspire an emotional response equivalent to the one you get from watching a Broadway show, and that’s exactly what you need. It is Christmas after all.


11. Let's Go Mets!
Limited Edition hand-stitched baseball Citi Field Baseball

citiHand crafted with care, this ball represents Mets history. This limited edition commemoration ball is a tribute to the ultimate baseball underdog. We’ve watched as the Mets have risen and finally made it back to the world series after 15 years!

As David Wright and Daniel Murphy’s first world series, your New York baseball fan has a lot to celebrate. This Citi Field Mets ball does just that, as the stadium holds its first world series in history.

Surprise the fan in your life by putting this ball under the Christmas tree, or sneak it in as a stocking stuffer for any guy. They'll scream, they'll cry, and they'll hug you as they shout out their baseball love, "Let's go Mets!" Is there any better Christmas than that?

And if you are a Yankee fan. Here is a link to the Yankees ball, commemorating first game ever. It was 92 years ago that a crowd of Yankee fans gathered to witness the first game ever played in their new stadium. FIRST EVER!




12.  Holiday Gift Basket - 24 Spices of the Season 
Seasonings for the perfect poultry, pies, cider, and brines.

spiceKnow any chefs (or those that want to be)? For those that insist on having the fanciest holiday spreads, or maybe for those who could stand to work on their cooking, this seasoning set is the perfect holiday gift. Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza, we all want good food over the holidays.

This kit contains the big 6 must haves, with over 24 seasonal spices: the ultimate poultry blend, a brining blend for all your pickling needs, the best mix of pie and baking seasonings, mulling spices for those holiday brews, and of course, the cloves and cinnamon that are reminiscent of this wonderful time of year. Time to Spice up your holiday! Grab it here.

13. Organic Candy


Comes in two flavors, Granny Smith and Red Delicious apple. The candies have the Broadway sign in the center as the Big Apple. Made of all natural organic ingredients and no preservatives, these hard candies are delicious and are wonderful to snack on! Get them for the kids, for yourself, for friends, family... It'll literally work for everyone on your Christmas list!

14. Holiday Postcards









Ultra cute and featuring cats! This is great for kids, women, guys who like cute things, and animal lovers. One has a cat as the Statue of Liberty, the other features a sleeping cat atop the Empire State building. You can get them HERE. Happy holidays!

Bonus: Let it Snow!
Limited Edition hand crafted snow globe with NYC landmarks.

NYC-Snow-globeLike its model city, this New York City snow globe contains a little bit of everything. For tourists and locals alike, it celebrates the diverse and limitless ways to encounter the city, whose lights and energy this time of year is truly magical. Experience it for yourself and live it everyday with this gorgeous gift that perfectly encapsulates New York City Christmas.

We’ll give you a hint, there are over 15 landmarks hidden in this snowy globe! Go on a treasure hunt and find them all!

Mirroring the experience of walking through the “City that Never Sleeps,” this cityscape offers a new surprise at every turn—from the familiar Chrysler Building to the new One World Trade Center, to the New York Public Library’s lions and Wall Street’s bull.

Now that you have your gift guide, it’s time to get shopping! Find the perfect NY gift this season. Need more ideas for holiday? Here is our Holiday Guide for your loved ones. We have gifts: for her, for him, friends. Still need more ideas? Check out our full gift stocking stuffer here.