New York City has a rich and unique history that's made a comeback in its architectural style with modern meets classic architectural ornamentation. You can see it in some of NYC's hottest hotels, bars, restaurants, museums, even in today's townhouses and apartments.

Even if you don't live in New York, the style can easily be emulated using custom plaster molding services. While you're in the city, here are some of the most beautiful designs you'll want to check out and use as inspiration in your own home renovation:

Lillie's Victorian Bar & Restaurant

Inspired by early NYC Victorian style and ambiance, Lillie's incorporates wall textures, crown moldings, and lovely pilasters that set up a romantic scene. Perfect for grabbing a bite and drinks, the period ornamentation can also vamp up your own living spaces to create a mood of soft sophistication.

Crosby Street Hotel

Looking for somewhere with a modern minimalist NYC style? This hotel has rooms that serve as the perfect example of minimal done right. With light banding and crown molding, this minimal taste creates an instantly chic, modern feel with a touch of pizzazz that's hard to place if you don't know what to look for. It's an interior decorators ultimate secret to perfecting that minimal look that's far from boring and draws you in. Check out how plaster moldings can make all the difference.

Eleven Madison Park

Known the world over, Eleven Madison Park restaurant isn't just famous for it's superior cuisine, it is one of the loveliest dining experiences you'll ever have. The secret? Presentation is everything. From the moment you walk in you're transported to an illustrious world of sleek sophistication that seems effortless, low-key, and glamorous all at once.

With architectural ornamentation that pops but never overwhelms, this is the place to draw inspiration for sure. The vertical wall paneling, strategically placed patterning, tall ceilings, and low lighting makes for a setting that'll stand the test of time.

St. Regis Hotel

The interior decor here has a similar design as Eleven Madison Park, but that carries a subtly more down to earth aesthetic that's perfect for home. Recently restored, the rooms in this hotel are simply gorgeous and serve as an example of interior design and architecture done right. The ceiling filigree, the crown molding, the wall panels, all are subtle, gentle, classic yet modern.

My personal design favorite of all these examples, it combines the elegance and simplicity that creates the true appeal of home design. You won't find anything more tasteful than this, and for a more cozy yet still chic feel just add a couple of well placed pops of color such as throw pillows or paintings.

Find out how you can incorporate these designs into your own project and let us know which of NYC's architectural marvels you liked best!