banner_new_monkey02_Born and raised in New York, Monkey “Patrick” Chirico’s art and design bridges the worlds of art, fashion and music.By using reclaimed vinyl records and cutting edge screen printing techniques, Monkey has found a home for himself among the indie community of Brooklyn artists, setting up his own art studio in Bushwick.

Monkey began his career immediately after graduating high school, offering screen printed shirts at music festivals and concerts after which he pursued an education in fashion design at FIT, the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.

Once back in Brooklyn, he discovered a new way of using melted vinyl records to make handcrafted items. Monkey was inspired to use the medium of vinyl in a new and dynamic way.

Brooklyn Bracelet- side 5

Music being a universal language, Monkey believes that by using vinyl records as his chosen medium, he can bring people closer to music with each work of art he creates.


With innovative crafting methods and uncompromising craftsmanship, Monkey and his team are always hard at work making New York City inspired designs, made right here in Brooklyn,spreading their love of music, fashion, and art.

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