If there is one thing that you can say with confidence about NYC it's that it is not lacking in amazing food options. What better way to celebrate your time in the city than to bring home tasty and tempting treats?

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Unique & Hand Crafted Gifts NYC
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#1 Big Apple hand made Candies
#2 Handmade NY Sweets
#3 Famous New York City Pretzel Chips
#4 Brooklyn Made Smoke and Grill Set
#5 NYC Secret Hot Sauce
#6 Absolute Bagels on Broadway
#7 New York Farmer Market Pickling Set
#8 Black & White Cookies
#9 NYC Honey
#10 Made in Manhattan Cheeses
#11 Locally Made Brownies and Blondies

#12 Classic NYC Cheesecakes
#13 Famous Jacques Torres Chocolate
#14 The Best Pickles in the Universe
#15 Authentic Knishes
#16 McNulty Tea and Coffee
Bonus: Butcher Spice Set

There are so many options to suit every taste bud. Do you have a penchant for the pastries? Does your soul sizzle for steak? You won’t find a shortage of delicious food souvenir gifts to take home as a reminder of your time in NYC.

Get your shopping list started, and read on for the top 15 food souvenir gifts to bring back from NYC.


New York City rooftop master grillers use Brooklyn made (Greenpoint Trading Co.) spice sets! 

16 Food Souvenirs To Bring Back From NYC

#1. Big Apple Candy - Handmade in New York

Delicious and adorable, these candies are everything you want in a sweet souvenir. They're vibrant, colorful, and won't spoil so it makes a great gift for everyone, kids included.


You can pick up a bag of these marvelous confections HERE.

#2. Handmade New York Sweets

Not into hard candies? That's okay because there's another solution for that sweet tooth of yours. Try the New York Collection Caramels or Maple Walnut Fudge, all made in New York City in small batches. The maple syrup actually comes from upstate New York and the coffee flavored caramels are made with Hell's Kitchen roasted coffee beans.

001-Lady-liberty-and-candies Lady Liberty discovers these New York Collection Caramels. They were the perfect gift.
002-Lady-liberty-and-candies Here she's excited to open her gift. These handmade confections are beautifully wrapped
003-Lady-liberty-and-candies Almost there, what marvels are inside? Lady Liberty is so close...
004-Lady-liberty-and-candies 10 amazing and delicious caramels in coffee and marshmallow swirl!

Pick up these delicious goodies online Here. 

#3. Famous New York City Pretzel Chips

Sigmund's is a pretzel bakery run by Lina Kulchinsky in the East Village of New York City. She's a former lawyer turned pastry chef, and a veteran of Jean-Georges and Bouley. She now makes the best pretzels in all of the Big Apple.


Sigmund's pretzels are made in the most traditional way, the way pretzels were made for centuries in Germany. The dough is fermented overnight, rolled by hand and baked fresh daily.  But the flavors and texture are very NYC 21st century – influenced by The Mediterranean, Latin, Russian cuisines, and not bound by tradition whatsoever!

The famous pretzels are baked daily in the East Village bakery and is seasoned and toasted until golden. These are savory with a hint of sweetness. Crunch with a little give.

#4. Grilling Like Bobby Flay: Brooklyn Made Smoke and Grill Seasoning

Fire up the grill! It’s never the wrong time of year to unleash your inner grill master and channel your inner Bobby Flay! With this set of seasonings by your side, you’ll be able to get all of the flavors of New York at home.



Get your grill on, impress your guests, and enjoy some great memories from your time in the city.

With three delicious flavors to pick from, including the incredible coffee rub, this makes a good gift for someone special or for yourself.

#5. A Touch of Spice: New Yorker Secret Hot Sauce


Need some spice in your life? New York City boasts the best flavors, so take that magic home with you. Made in Queens, this smokin' hot sauce is all you need to spice up taco night, Buffalo wings, and actually, just everything.

It's literally better than Siracha! So that's the NYC secret to Buffalo Wings! You'll be left wondering how you ever lived without it.

#6. Absolute Bagels, on Broadway

Hand-rolled and baked onsite, daily. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the freshness of a bagel that has been crafted by true artisans. Bagels are one of the most popular breakfast foods enjoyed in the city.

One of the best places to get your bagels each morning, and for your trip home, is from Absolute Bagels, on Broadway.

In addition to mouthwatering bagels, you’ll be impressed by the fantastic variety of cream cheeses that feature fresh fruit and vegetables.

Take home a baker’s dozen for a New York treat.


#7. NY Farmer’s Market Supreme: Brooklyn Made Pickling Spice Set

Explore the tastes of authentic New York pickles at home, with a pickling spice set that’ll transform the humdrum pickle into something as sensational as the Big Apple itself.


With flavors that include wasabi, horseradish, and a delightfully devilish dill, your taste buds are in for a treat.

This pickling set is not just a superb souvenir for yourself, but it makes a great gift option for that foodie in your life. Be the perfect pal who picked up a pickle set for your family and friends.


#8.  Amy's Bread

i love ny black white cookieHandmade by artisan bakers, with a passion for wholesome fresh food, the menu of items at Amy’s Bread are sure to meet the needs of your gourmand taste buds. Visit one of the cozy cafes and take in the rich aromas, while enjoying a meal that could include standout sandwiches, salads, and sweet treats. The New Yorker favorites are the classic Black & White cookies!

Amy's Bread sells a large variety ranging from French baguettes and Semolina with Golden Raisins, as well as Fennel to Black Olive Twists, and Organic Miche.

Take home some of your favorites and remember that this innovative bakery also delivers nationwide.

#9. New York Honey

When you think of NYC odds are good that you don’t think about fresh honey right from the city. What you might not know is that the city is abuzz with more than the sounds of traffic! Andrew Cote, who is a fourth generation beekeeper, is the inspired genius behind Andew’s Honey.

His honey is sourced from rooftop hives, and is the very definition of authentic flavor from NYC.

His products can be found at Greenmarkets, in New York City.

#10. Murray’s Cheese

cheddarSay cheese! During your stay in NYC you’re sure to pose for many a photo. Do more than grin and head on over to Murray’s Cheese to experience a wide selection of cheeses.

From a creamy brie to a tangy English cheddar, there is something to suit even the most refined of palates. A selection of meats and other amazing gourmet food products await at Murray’s..

Sign up for a monthly club delivery, or take home a custom gift box with a sampling of some of your favorites to share with someone special.

#11. Fat Witch Bakery

Sink your teeth into a rich brownie that is the definition of decadence. At Fat Witch Bakery, you’ll find a variety of incredible brownies that include Walnut Witch, Caramel Baby, Red Witch, Java Witch, and Blonde Baby.

Enjoy a selection of other gourmet sweets and treats. Gift boxes are available to take home a tasty collection of amazing goodies. What a delectable delightful choice in food souvenirs for yourself or someone else.

#12. McNulty’s Tea & Coffee, Inc.

Whether you enjoy tea for two or a solitary cup, you’ll enjoy spending some time at McNulty's Tea & Coffee Inc. Found in the heart of Greenwich Village, the intoxicating aromas of this shop are sure to inspire.

Pick up loose and packaged teas in several interesting flavors that include Golden Monkey, Mango Black, Serenity Garden, Lung Chiing Dragonwell, Green Gunpowder, and Jasmine Downy Pearls.

#13. Jacques Torres Chocolate

If you are in the mood for decadent chocolate delights, head over to Jacques Torres Chocolate for a large selection of mouthwatering treats. Some of the many items you can buy include chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate, champagne truffles, and Wicked Hot Chocolate.

#14. McClure’s Pickles

Are you on the prowl for the perfect pickle? Do you dare to delight in dill? Look for McClure's Pickles while you are out and about in the city. The Bloody Mary Mix is a chic and iconic for brunch, and is a perfect choice to put anyone in a NY State of Mind.

Their products can be found in several locations around the city.

Whether you're hankering for spicy spears, garlic dills, or another variety, you won't be disappointed.



#15. Barney Greengrass, Knishes and Matzo Ball Soup

Craving knishes? Mad for Matzo ball soup? Barney Greengrass, with more than 100 years in the business, knows just what it takes to make knishes, matzo ball soup, and other home-style favorites that are sure to soothe the soul.

Take home some of your favorites, and even get them shipped to your doorstep when you are home.

Barney Greengrass

#16. Junior’s Cheesecake

New York cheesecake is known for being amongst the best in the world. Junior's Cheesecake has a reputation for delightfully delicious cheesecake, with a great many types to choose from.

Varieties include Brooklyn Crumb Cheesecake, Cherry Crumb, Raspberry Swirl, and Brownie Marble Swirl.

Take a cheesecake as a food souvenir of your trip, and order some when you get home. Junior’s delivers nationwide.

Bonus: Meat Grilling Perfection: Brooklyn Made Butcher Spices Set

Take your grill master to the next level, with this butcher spices set. Sure to crank up the heat, this set of spices will turn dinner into an event to remember.

Perfect for the guy who loves to grill, this souvenir gift set includes a T-bone seasoning that will set his taste buds on fire.

This is a souvenir gift created by artisans, for the grilling artist. So pick up the tongs and grab your favorite cold beverage. It’s time to play with fire.


Now that you have your food souvenir list for NYC, all you have to do now is make some room for all your goodies back at home! Lets get Grilling!


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