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New York City is known for a lot of things, and food is certainly one of them. It's no wonder that those who visit the city would want to bring as much delicious food back home with them as possible. However, there's also TSA regulations to think about, not to mention luggage space and the risk of everything breaking in transit (depending on what you purchase).


If you're looking for food souvenirs and gifts to bring back from your trip to NYC, the following seven should be at the top of your list.

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Top 8 Food Souvenirs and Gifts in New York

1. Handmade Big Apple Candies

Made by master chemist/confectionery genius, Raley, these are the most delicious hard candies you'll ever taste! They come in two styles: red delicious flavored Big Apple, and green apple flavored Broadway. 

These delightful sweets make great gifts for anyone, especially kids! You can pick up your own bag, or 5... HERE.

2. New York City's Best Pretzels

The famous East Village bakery, Sigmund's, is where the absolute best NYC pretzels are made. Made fresh daily using an ancient German technique, the recipes for these scrumptious morsels use a diversity of flavor, much like the city itself.


For a variety pack of flavors with just a bit of crunch, try Sigmund's Pretzel Chips. With a long shelf life, they make for a perfect gift, or even a travel snack for yourself.

3. Secret of NYC Spice: Queens Spicier Hot Sauce

Better than Sriracha, it's the New Yorker's choice of hot sauce! Having one of these bottles in the kitchen is like having a magical potion that instantly transforms bland food into absolute flavor bombs.


We all know that good things comes from Brooklyn, but when it comes to flavor, Queens is king! This bad boy is made in Astoria, a neighborhood of New York known for its rich cuisine.

4. Grilling Like Bobby Flay: Brooklyn Made Smoke and Grill Seasoning

Fire up the grill! Grill inside and outside with this Brooklyn original spice and herb mix.  It’s never the wrong time of year to unleash your inner grill master and channel your inner Bobby Flay! With these seasonings by your side, you’ll be able to get all of the flavor of New York at home. Green Point Trading co Grilling set is to the rescue. It makes an amazing for an amazing gift for any man in your family. Give them this gift, and insist that they got to grill some veggies for you! Its a great way to get a man into the kitchen and cook for you.

Get his grill on, impress your guests, and enjoy some great memories from your time in the city.

With three delicious flavors to pick from, including the incredible coffee rub, this makes a good gift for someone special or for yourself.


5. Handmade in New York Confections

These delectable treats are handmade right here in New York City in small batches. The coffee flavored caramels are made from coffee actually roasted in Hell's Kitchen and the maple in the Maple Walnut Fudge comes from upstate New York. What better way to enjoy the flavors of the Big Apple?

Try these delicious goodies for yourself! You can pick them up at this artisan NY Gift Store.

6. Babka from Green's

There are standard, round, and mini versions available of the chocolate and cinnamon babkas from Green's, and they're worth taking back home with you. They have a shelf life of 6 to 8 weeks, so as long as you keep it sealed up tightly, you can continue to enjoy the babka long after you get it home from your trip. The babkas will travel well as long as you carry them and make sure they don't get squished. Green's is located in Brooklyn, but you can also order their products online.


7. Bagels from Absolute Bagels

There's nothing quite like a bagel from New York City, and the ones from Absolute Bagels are going to make you very happy.

If you're looking to get some cream cheese while you're at it, they have varieties that include vegetable, scallion, bacon and cheddar, jalapeno, strawberry, and blueberry. They, of course, also have lox.

8.  Honey from Andrew's Honey

Many walk around the city and never glance up, or if they do, they're checking out the architecture. Little do they know that there's honey being produced on the rooftops and balconies above. Andrew Cole, who owns Andrew's Honey, is a beekeeper (fourth generation) who makes honey that many  around the city can't get enough of, especially considering it's a local product made in their beloved city. His products are available at Greenmarkets around NYC.  

Andrew's Honey

9. Wicked Hot Chocolate Mix from Jacques Torres

The Wicked Hot Chocolate Mix from Jacques Torres isn't your standard hot chocolate mix.

It's kicked up a notch and includes ingredients such as ground chipotle chili peppers, ground ancho chili peppers, allspice, and cinnamon.

There's certainly nothing plain about it. The hot chocolate mix is available in store and well as online through their website for $18.  

Bonus: Cheese from Murray's  

Those who love cheese should definitely make a stop at Murray's, which has a location on Bleecker Street and another at Grand Central at 43rd Street and Lexington. They offer an incredible amount of cheese such as Marscarpone, Brie, Cheddar, Swiss, Blue, Gallego, Cabra Romero, Pecorino Oro Antico, and Chevre D'Argental. Murray's has monthly clubs available, they cater events, they teach classes, and they even sell gift baskets. Those who don't want to carry the cheese home with them can order products online through their site.

Cheese from Murray's

When you're considering which souvenirs and gifts to bring back with you from your trip to NYC, there's a variety of factors to consider. First off, are the products going to stay fresh throughout the duration of your trip, and second, are they going to be confiscated at the airport if you're flying home. How much space the food is going to take up in your luggage is also going to be a factor.

As much as you may want to take the items home with you right away, you might be better off just ordering the products online right before you leave the city so they can be there waiting for you when you get back, or at least get there not long after. 

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