Here are 14 awesome items to add to your NY gift list!

Here is location of gift store in Manhattan with hand crafted and unique items made in NY.

#1 Unique & Hand Crafted Gifts NYC
Looking for NY adventure?
This gem of a gift store, hidden away in a Manhattan side street, is almost like a speakeasy for NY gifts. .  Here you discover a place with some of the most unique and sought after gifts in NYC.
33 West 19th St 4th Floor
New York, NY 10011
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Many of those who visit New York want to walk away with something material to remember their trip, but there can be several problems with that. Not only can some items be difficult to get onto a plane, but they can also be expensive as well as cumbersome to carry. Cool, unique gifts actually made in New York City are out there, and better yet, you can find them in some of the best gift shops the city has to offer.

New York Art

There are, however, great options that come out without the high price tag and hassle. The following 14 souvenir items are excellent options for every tourist in 2018 and perfectly capture those New York moments.

Spice up your life with hand crafted Queens made hot sauce.

Better than Sriracha and made in Queens, NY, let's hear it for the best all American hot sauce! Lets make it HOT. >> Get it here 


Map of New York City

Finding your way around the city can be touch, so why not make it easy on yourself with this stylish steel cut map? Great as a gift or even for yourself this luxury map is sleek and impressive. Whether as a conversation piece, a gift, or home and office decor, this is an item you won't find anywhere else and is sure to be the talk of all youre friends. Find it here.


NYC Skyline Mug

Do you have a coffee connoisseur in your life? Treat them sweet with the generously sized NYC Skyline mug, as a part of a coffee lover’s gift basket. Pick up some gourmet coffee on your adventures around the city and present them with a mug that serves up more than relaxation.

Bright and colorful, you don't even need the coffee to put the perk back in your step. It's a great gift for literally anyone and features real glazed watercolor artwork.

No matter where they are, they can wake up and enjoy the NYC skyline any day of the year. Get it here.


The great thing about photographs is that they're either on your phone or camera so you don't have to carry anything extra, and you can do a lot with them once you get them home. And if you are wondering what are souvenirs. Wiki got you covered

For example, you can make a scrapbook, frame them for your wall, or even decoupage them onto a piece of furniture.

New York City Photographs

Newspaper and magazine

A newspaper, such as the New York Times, and a magazine like New York, are ideal options as you can get one for each day you're here, then either carry them back with you or mail them back via Media Mail so it's cheaper. You can keep them intact, or just keep the front page or clippings if you'd rather not save all of it, then put them in a scrapbook for safe keeping.

Newspaper and Magazine


Seeing a Broadway play is a magical experience, so if you have the opportunity to see one while you're in New York, save your Playbill and try to get it signed by one or more members of the cast.

Shot glass

There's so many different types of shot glasses in the city, and one of the reasons they make excellent souvenirs is that they're cheap, easy to carry, and they're functional as well as display worthy. You can typically get them in souvenir shops, but some bars and restaurants sell their own as well.


Around Central Park, as well as other places around the city, you'll find talented individuals who do caricatures of their subjects, and it's all done right in front of you and in a matter of minutes.

It's colorful, unique, personalized, and you can frame it when you get home.

NYC inspired gift baskets

Chelsea Market Baskets is fantastic. They're located inside Chelsea Market at 75 9th Avenue, and they sell a variety of NYC-themed baskets that range in price so they're ideal for every budget. You can even order the baskets online and have them shipped so you don't have to worry about carrying it with you.

Subway Map Bracelet

Chances are if you're visiting NYC, you're going to be using the subway to get around. We got you covered with this amazing souvenir. A bracelet that allows you to find your way anywhere in new york. Check out this modern NY bracelet. 


Even though you're probably going to be using a subway map on your phone or the one in the station for reference, pick up an actual paper subway map, then save your Metro Card.

You can frame both together an artistic souvenir to hang on your wall at home. 

Picture of the Manhattan skyline  

There's numerous places around the city that sell panoramic pictures of the Manhattan skyline in a variety of sizes, styles, and shades. Some are framed, but if you get it unframed, it's easier to take back home with you and you can put it in whatever frame and on whatever background you desire. For a more personal touch, go for a painting done locally.



Sports memorabilia

One of the things New York is known for is their sports teams – the Yankees, the Giants, the Rangers, the Knicks, etc. You can pick up official sports memorabilia while you're in New York, and maybe even get it signed if you have the chance.


Many of the restaurants around New York are incredible, so if you go to ones that have paper menus, take one as a souvenir.

It's free, and you can always look back and re-read what they served and what you had and reminisce about your experience.

Put them in a scrapbook when you get home so they'll stay neat and organized.

All of the aforementioned mementos are perfect to take home as a reminder of your trip to NYC, and they're not going to cost you a fortune. You'll always have a way to look back on the trip of a lifetime. It's definitely worth sharing with your friends. Click now to Tweet. 

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New York Artistic souvenirs