If you are traveling to or from (or within) Japan, giving omiyage is an absolute must. Consider it a requirement and one that's not to be taken lightly. Although omiyage are technically souvenirs, they're much more than that. They're given as gifts when one goes on a trip, goes to a business meeting, or goes to the home of another. The presentation of the gift is just as important as the gift itself, and the item must be purchased, it cannot be homemade by you.

Additionally, if you're traveling outside of Japan, the items you bring back cannot be labeled “Made in Japan” and they must be as location-specific to the area to which you are traveling as possible. The more high quality the gifts are, the better. One of the most popular forms of omiyage are those you can eat. With that said, let's discuss some of the edible omiyage gifts that a Japanese tourist can bring back from NYC.

Japanese Tourist

Guide to NYC for Japanese tourist : Edible Omiayage Gifts

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The best candy confectioneries in the world are all handmade, and these Big Apple candies are no exception. Made by a master chemist/confectioner, these red and green apple flavored hard candies are utterly delicious, and better yet, they won't melt or spoil so they make great gifts for everyone! The candies feature two vibrant designs: the Big Apple, and Broadway.

Get these Apple Candies HERE.

If hard candies aren't your thing you can also try handmade caramels and fudge. Made in small batches right here in New York, they're absolutely divine! The New York Collection caramels come in coffee and marshmallow swirl flavors, and the Maple Walnut Fudge is made from New York State maple syrup. You can grab these treats here.

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The best New York City pretzels in the world are made in a little bakery in the East Village. They come in a variety of flavors, but to get a bit of everything, try the pretzel chips. These delectable baked goods have just the right amount of crunch and all the New York taste.



When it comes to thinking of NYC, not many conjure up images of beehives, but Andrew's Honey is about to change that. Andrew Cote is a fourth generation beekeeper, and his honey comes strictly from New York and Connecticut, and it comes from balconies, rooftops, and backyards in many areas of NYC. Products are available at Greenmarkets across the city.


Head over to Greens & Ackermans Bakery where you can get some of the best babka in the city.

Chocolate and cinnamon varieties are available in standard, round, and mini sizes. If you can't make it to Brooklyn to pick up the goodies, they're available to buy online.

Brownies from Fat Witch Bakery

There's an excellent chance that anyone who loves brownies would love an omiyage from Fat Witch Bakery. There's “witches” and “baby witches” from which to choose, including Java Witch, Caramel Baby, Walnut Witch, Double Chocolate, and Snow Witch. Gift tins and gift boxes are available.

Fat Witch Bakery

Products from Roni-Sue Chocolates

There's so many different products to try from Roni-Sue Chocolates, including Beer and Pretzel Caramels, Buttercrunch, Bacon Buttercrunch, BaCorn, Chili Lime Lollipops, and Maple Bacon Lollipops. Considering their fantastic taste, they're likely to be well received.

Products come already packaged for gift giving, and they're lightweight so they won't be cumbersome to carry around.


Stop by McNulty's Tea & Coffee Co. where you can pick up a huge variety of tea and coffee that are loose as well as packaged.

Just a handful of the types of tea you can pick up include McNulty's Moroccan Mint, Sencha with Matcha, Strawberry with Roses, Iron Goddess of Mercy, Blue Eyes Blend, Rosebuds, and Serenity Garden.

Coffee types include McNulty's Blend, Old Judge's Secret Blend, French Roast Java Mountain Supreme, Chocolate Mint, Swiss Cocoa Almond, and Mexican Altura Cotapec.

Black and white cookies from Glaser's Bake Shop

There's something extra special about the black and white cookies that come from NYC, even more so the ones that come from Glaser's Bake Shop. They sell some of the best black and white cookies in the city, and they come in a standard size as well as a mini size. Just be warned that you might be tempted to finish them off on the plane.

Glaser's Bake Shop

There are many omiyage available in NYC, and in keeping with custom, they're beautifully packaged and ready to give. Should you not want to carry them back with you in your luggage, you can always have them shipped ahead of time (depending on what you order in regards to freshness, of course) so the items are waiting for you when you return. Be cautious about any chocolate that you buy considering they might melt in extreme heat. Also, try to carry your items onto the plane instead of putting them in your luggage, plus make sure they can make it through TSA and customs before you buy. 

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