Buying souvenirs and gifts can be fun if you're at the right shop!
We did all the legwork for you and have picked THE best and unique souvenir shops in New York.

Walk around NYC and you'll notice numerous places to pick up souvenirs, but considering the city is jam packed with stores and shops on its 469-square-miles, it's best to narrow down your options so you don't get overwhelmed.

Locations of Top 11 Souvenir Shops in Manhattan

#1 Unique & Hand Crafted Gifts NYC
Looking for NY adventure?
This gem of a gift store, hidden away in a Manhattan side street, is almost like a speakeasy for NY gifts. You take an elevator that whisks you to the 4th floor, you check in at the front desk, where the shop staff will take you on a tour of New York's coolest items.  Here you discover a place with some of the most unique and sought after gifts in NYC.

33 West 19th St 4th Floor
New York, NY 10011

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Visit it here.

This new comer to the NY gift scene is an Etsy-like gift shop that brings you all the latest New York gifts and creations from local artists.  If you want a truly awesome gift that will stand out, it's your one stop shop for a unique gift. They carry some of the coolest NYC gifts, straight from the artist. Hand crafted and unique, such as this NYC skyline and Brooklyn landmarks on vinyl records made by NY based artist "Monkey", who works with vinyl creations.

Vinyl Art Souvenir Some of the Creations from NY craftsman "Monkey"

These eleven NYC stores are where you can find some of the best souvenirs to always remember your trip to NYC.

These items are unique and often limited edition.. Shop in the stores or online. Like this one hand crafted NY Cube.

We recommend the New York Cube. It looks great in your hand, and it catches an eye with its original and unique feel. Winner of 2015 Forbes best travel gift. Transforms into cube or skyline.  Each uniquely hand crafted by Artist Aiden . It is made out of 7 woods:  Walnut, Oak, Cherry, etc. and it transforms into NYC Skyline view with Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, ChryslerBuilding and many more NY landmarks that are carved in wood.

Find it Here.

This is a Pickup Only Location:
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New York Cube

#2 Fish Eddys

Fish Eddys has a whole store full of fabulous finds, but if you're looking for something to remember NYC by, check out their New York Patterns products. There's several different items available that feature the city skyline, as well as other beautiful parts of New York. You can shop in-store or online.



Want a Wood Engraved NYC Wallet? get it here

#3  MoMA Store

MoMA isn't just about showcasing great artwork, they also have a store where you can buy some unique pieces, such as the New York in a Bag product.

It consists of six wooden cars and eight quintessential city structures, such as the Empire State Building. It's like bringing a part of the city right into your own home.


#4  Paragon Sports

Located on Broadway, Paragon Sports is one of the best places to shop for sports items in the city. Whether you're into ice skating, MMA, soccer, football, baseball, or darts, chances are they have what you're looking for. Shop online or in-store.


Would like this awesomely hand crafted and already framed steel map of NYC? Find it here.

#5  Make Meaning

What better souvenir to bring home than one you make yourself? At Make Meaning, you can make everything from soap to candles to glass, paint ceramics and plaster, and even learn cake decorating. Activities are for kids and adults, and there's specially trained staff on hand just in case you need any assistance.

#6 Papyrus

Papyrus is one of the best places to get paper goods in the city, so whether you want to buy a New York-inspired journal or pick up blank cards depicting your favorite attractions, chances are you'll find something you love. Products are available at one of the many NYC locations, or you can order them online.



#7  La Perla

The Italian lingerie brand has a few locations scattered across the city, and they also offer free same day Manhattan delivery just in case you order online and you'd rather not pick it up. The pieces are exquisite, however, they're also expensive, so just be prepared.

New York is known for luxury, and when it comes to lingerie, La Perla is one of the best.

#8  Bond No. 9

Bond No. 9 carries perfumes and scents all inspired by the Big Apple. You can shop by neighborhood or by attractions, but either way you'll find a scent that not only suits your palette, but also reminds you of the greatest city in the world every time you spritz some on.


#9  Sustainable NYC

Those looking for eco-friendly finds are going to love shopping at Sustainable NYC. They have a whole collection of gift items, as well as personal care items, home items, jewelry, and many other products you can think of that you and anyone on your list would be thrilled to receive.

They include walking tours that feature local history and culture, gallery and street art, samples of local cuisine, fantastic photo spots, and of course, the best hidden shopping locations with exclusive deals and discounts for really unique gifts and souvenirs!

#10  Forbidden Planet

If you're into comics, manga, gaming, or anything of the sort, then Forbidden Planet just might become your favorite spot in NYC. Located in Union Square, you'll have 3,400-square-feet to shop through. Products are available in-store as well as online.

forbidden planet nyc broadway store

#11  City Store

Those looking for all NYC-themed merchandise are going to want to check out City Store, which is the official store of the City of New York. Items you can buy include floor mats, glasses, mugs, shirts, ornaments, magnets, and more.

When it comes to seeing and doing everything you want during your trip to NYC, you want to make sure you accomplish as much as you can. Forget about wandering around looking for the perfect places to shop when the aforementioned ten are going to help you stock up on everything you desire. Happy shopping!

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