You can't miss shopping at flea market while your visit to NYC!

New York is known for its myriad of flea markets, as well it should be. From antique to vintage to designer, the possibilities for what you’ll find and bring home are limitless! Grab a friend and immerse yourself in this truly New York City experience. Not sure where to start? Here are five of New York’s finest, trendiest flea markets.

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33 West 19th St 4th Floor
New York, NY 10011

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Brooklyn Flea

With over 100 vendors in attendance in addition to another 30+ food vendors, there's plenty to search through and shop for at Brooklyn Flea. Whether you're looking for vintage finds or you want delicious fare, you can easily spend the day here walking around and eating and not get bored. Check their site as locations and times vary.


Chelsea Flea Market

The Chelsea Flea Market has been up and running for more than 40 years, so you know they're doing something right.

They have over 125 vendors, many of whom are selling vintage and antique items. If you're looking for collectibles, this is a great place to start. There's a $1 admission fee.


Located on West 77th Street, the GreenFlea market is indoor and outdoor, and if you visit their site, you can check out what vendors you can expect to see there as well as to get a general idea of what they'll be selling.

Items you can shop for include antiques, food, designer items, clothing, and crafts. They're only open on Sundays, admission is free, and they're running rain or shine.


Artists & Fleas

Artists & Fleas has been around for more than a decade in Williamsburg, and thanks to their popularity, they also have a permanent home in a shop in Chelsea Market. It's a great place to search for on-trend items, and with over 100 vendors, there's a plethora of different items to find.

Artists & Fleas NYC

While the flea market in Williamsburg is open only on the weekend, the shop is open every day of the week.

Ridgewood Market

The only flea market you'll find in Queens, Ridgewood Market boasts partnerships with over 400 vendors, which rotate out daily, so you'll never run out of new finds! Whether you're there for the food, the vintage collections, the live music events, or the art, there's always more reason to go back.

Ridgewood Market

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

Whether you're looking for modern items or vintage and antique pieces, there's plenty to shop for at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. There's great deals to be had, and plenty of bargains to find. It's also located only a few blocks from Port Authority, so it's easily accessible if you're coming in from out of town.

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

To make your shopping experience easier, bring reusable bags with you as the plastic bags they often give you could break on your way home, and if possible, bring a friend so the two of you can share carrying duties. Don't be afraid to haggle, and above all, get there as early as possible if you want to get the best items.

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