Looking for amazing gifts in New York City? Tired of Time Square fare of chachkies, but not sure where to look? You are not alone. It’s not an easy feat, as the most interesting items are often sold by the artists and crafters themselves, primarily on weekends, at bazaars and markets. 

Who has the time to do all this leg work?! We do and we have sifted through 100s of artists and vendors to find some of the best NY handcrafted and still very affordable unique gifts.

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Lamp makingSeth Manlo is crafting an Atmospheric Lamp wiring in his workshop.

 NYC has transformed itself into artist central, but finding those craftsmen gems can be very tricky. That's why we created this guide to find awesome gift items. Unusual, unique and always evolving just like the city itself.

As the vitality of the city has shifted towards the modern and the innovative, the gifts and souvenirs of the city available haven’t quite reflected that shift. Shops such as Souvenirs NYC seek to change all that, by bringing together only the best of the best in New York creative wares, and making it easy to find all in one place. Full of energy and vigor of the contemporary New York. Discover more amazing gifts.

Check out these 11 Unique Must-Have NYC Gifts:

#1  Next Level Lighting

bklyn grafitiYou can pick up this awesome work of art HERE.

Whether you’re seeking something traditional (such as Subway Map style) or urban chic (think Brooklyn Graffiti Street Art), these stylish hand crafted lamps make for great decor and function. The artist, Seth Manlo, is a genius at creating low-light works of art, and these puppies come with a dimmer switch making your atmospheric mood lighting just right.

industiral art

Designed and built to last, he molds the bases, fires them up in his kiln, carves the wood, and handles all the electrical wiring by himself, by hand. Even the lamp’s shade is state of the art, made from back lit film to create amazing lighting with a full color spectrum.

#2 Wood Decor & Fashion - Oak Wallet

woodenwallet2Manhattan might be a shining metropolis, but we love the vintage modern feel, and going back to the original materials of the styles we love is just the right way to do it. Made by master wood worker turned men’s fashion designer, Dimitry Raz, these products are hip and on trend.


Grab a coaster or two for the home, a bowtie for sleek modern style, and this slim money holder/wallet for the complete look you can utilize. All are laser engraved and inspired by New York City, the place that gave this artist the fashion seal of approval (or should we say degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology).

#3 Vinyl Records: Vintage made Modern - Vinyl Notepad

main_-_brooklyn_notepad_1This notebook is only $14.95!

Straight from Brooklyn, born and raised, comes designer and artist Monkey Chirico. His passion for music combined with fashion has led him to create magnificent pieces with New York’s favorite medium, vinyl records. From fully functioning clocks, to wall art, even bracelets and notebooks, everything made by Monkey is crafted from authentic vinyl records.

New York Art

Some of his designs have even graced the New York City runways, and now they’re available to grace your home. Monkey’s team of artists work with precision to coordinate the best looking vinyls for a unique product every time. Definitely makes for a great conversation piece.

#4 Wood Block Prints


These one-of-a-kind wood block prints have taken printing and design to a whole new level. With his innovative methodology, David Andersson uses printing ink that is both opaque and transparent in order to allow the wood grain to be incorporated into the image itself.

main_-_brooklyn_bridge_-_holdingSee the whole collection of wood blocks HERE.

Each wood block is carefully hand-selected to bring about a unique masterpiece every time, all slightly different from one another.

#5 Glass Blown Decor Magnets

NYC MagnetsThese hand made magnets are only $3.95! See them HERE.

We’ve all had moments when we just want to get a quick, small gift for someone, and yet we want it to be memorable for all the right reasons. That’s where these gems come in (and they really do shine like gems).

NYC Magnet

These glass magnets feature prominent locations throughout NYC such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Penn Station, Manhattan Bridge and Union Square, and better yet, they’re amazingly crafted by hand. The glass is blown and shaped in Brooklyn, real New York maps are purchased, then cut and mounted onto the glass beads.

Industrial strength, and designed to last, these magnets will make a welcome gift for anyone. Get them individually, or as a set of 6.

#6  NYC Wooden Skyline Cube that Transforms Into Skyline

This item is custom designed and hand crafted from 5 different types of wood (oak, maple, cherry, pine, walnut) and represents the diversity of the Big Apple. Each cube is unique, in that the pieces are always put together with different wood configurations.


As a Forbes #1 NYC Travel Gift, you can’t go wrong with this artistic 3D cube. Pull it apart and you get a stunning New York City skyline that includes the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, One World Trade Center, and other iconic architecture of the city.

#7 Metal Smith Jewelry


These one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are made with a jeweler’s technique called lost wax casting, in which the original design is made from wax, a mold is built around it, then fired in the kiln to “lose” the wax figure. From there, liquid metal is poured into the newly emptied cast to create these pendants and earrings.

Great together, or with other jewelry, you can coordinate a look that is glamorous and fashionable with an Empire State Building Necklace, or Flat Iron Earrings. Architecture has never been this beautiful.

#8 3D Printed Gifts

Exclusively made and designed for Souvenirs NYC, 3D Brooklyn and 3D NYC have teamed up to bring you these Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge mini and large sized cookie cutters. A great gift for kids and bakers.

#9 Steel Cut Decor

Inspired by home, this artist endeavored to put a piece of New York City and Brooklyn in every home. Originally a toy designer, he found a love of metalworking and thus, the steel cut maps were born. Great as a gift and for the office or home, these maps are sleek and oh so classy.

#10 Original Sports Gifts

Have you ever wanted to capture those single, history changing moments of your favorite sports team? That’s exactly what these hand painted baseballs do. Whether you’re looking to recapture the 2009 World Series win of the Yankees, or preserve the memory of their old stadium, we’ve got you covered. Even Mets fans can get in on the action with a Citifield ball.

yankee_2009_world_series_win_-_side_holding_1Yankees and Mets Baseballs are available HERE.

The baseball fan in your life will thank you a hundred times over for this incredible gift.

#11 New York Flavor Spice Sets

Wonder what New Yorkers eat? Or maybe you’ve been living here a while now and want to share the flavors of the city with loved ones back home.


Either way, these hand selected gourmet spice sets accomplish that and then some. Hand blended and selected in the hippest neighborhood of Brooklyn, your cooking is in for a whole new level of delicious. Get the entire 24 spice kitchen set, the grilling set for those who love their BBQ, or even the pickling set for those wishing to get in on the pickling craze that’s dominated the NYC farmer’s markets.

Spice Blending

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