9 NYC Handcrafted and Unique Gifts

We have 9 artists who are making these unusual and stand out items. Hand made, they truly stand out from the mass produced mess of items that have been sold since the 80s. 

Whether it's your 1st or your 20th trip to New York City, you are sure to be looking for unique gifts and souvenirs for the special people in your life. Handmade artisan gifts are the way to go...


If you select something that is more tailored to the recipient, and if it is a gift item that stands out as a modern twist on something traditional, you are sure to have happily surprised friends and family members.

Visiting NYC and need a cool gift? Here is a NY handcrafted and unique store you can visit:

Voted #1 Unique & Hand Crafted Gifts NYC
Looking for NY adventure?
This gem of a gift store, hidden away in a Manhattan side street, is almost like a speakeasy for NY gifts. You take an elevator that whisks you to the 4th floor, you check in at the front desk, where the shop staff will take you on a tour of New York's coolest items.  Here you discover a place with some of the most unique and sought after gifts in NYC.
33 West 19th St 4th Floor
New York, NY 10011

This is a Pickup Only Location:
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Visit it here.



New York City is a vibrant and exciting city! There is nothing boring about the Big Apple. With this in mind, you are sure to find gifts that are just as fun and trendy at the city itself; there’s no excuse otherwise when you’re in a city that offers so much variety.

9 Unique NYC Souvenirs and Gift Ideas for Family and Friends:

1. Hand Crafted New York Skyline in a cube. >> Get it here


The New York cube, made from an incredible 7 different kinds of woods, is a completely unique piece that makes for an excellent gift. The cube opens up to reveal the New York City skyline featuring the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the One World Trade Center, and the Flatiron building. Each part of the cube is hand carved from different woods, so no two cubes are ever exactly the same.


Rated the number one travel gift in NYC by Forbes, this is a must have souvenir and gift! Pick up your own HERE!


2. Vinyl Artwork

All at once unique and visually stunning, this vinyl artwork has been handcrafted by local Brooklyn artist, "Monkey". With a unique style and edgy NYC feel, this work of art looks great displayed on any wall.

Displaying some of the favorite parts of the city, this is one piece of art that they won’t soon forget.

New York Art

 3. Unique, Handcrafted Table Top Lamps

Made of film grade inks, these lamps are hand constructed from start to finish. The electrical wiring, smelting, all done by hand, and even the clay base is hand sculpted and fired in a kiln.

Lamp making

They come in 2 styles and 2 sizes, and have adjustable lighting settings. The wooden base lamps are larger than the clay, and both make for a gorgeous table top accent to any home, office, or room. You can get it in classic Metro Subway Map, or a more dynamic Brooklyn Street Graffiti.

  4. Hand Carved NYC Mini Chests

As a newly designed item, these chests with feature the New York City skyline as well as the Brooklyn Bridge, will be available exclusively for this holiday season as a limited edition item.


The mini chest functions as a statement piece, decor, jewelry box, miniature chest, trinket box, cigar box, card box, gift box, or storage chest. The Celtic filigree is a shout out to the artist's origins while remaining true to the splendor of New York.


Find out how you can get one for yourself!

5. Something for the sports fan

Do you have a sports fan in your life? While they may not root for the New York Yankees, they are sure to still appreciate a token or souvenir representing the team.

You could also consider a baseball that has been designed by a local NYC artist, to represent the city itself. This outstanding baseball is sure to hit it out of the park with the sports fanatic on your life.


6. Items from Brooklyn Flea Market

Brooklyn Flea has been a hotspot for locals and tourists alike since 2008, and for good reason. It's here that you'll find fabulous vintage items, mouthwatering food, and exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces from local artisans. If you're looking for something unique, especially when it comes to crafted items, there's a good chance you'll find something special at this popular spot.


With more than 100 vendors and over 30 food vendors, you'll walk away with your arms full of goodies. Be sure to visit their website for the most up to date information.


7. Chelsea Market Baskets

Located inside the Chelsea Market at 75 9th, Chelsea Market Basket boasts a collection of fabulous items, with many of the baskets featuring an NYC theme.

The baskets are offered in a variety of prices, so there is something for every person and every budget.

As an example, there is a NY Welcome Bag for $25, the Chelsea, NYC Gift Box for $29, Gluten Free Basket for $69, and the Food Tour Gift Tower for $159.

There are even baskets that take dietary restrictions into consideration, and baskets that step away from offering food and rather offer signature towels.

If you'd rather not carry products home for everyone on your list, you can ship them to each recipient right from the Chelsea Market Baskets website.

Artisan Foods of NYC

NYC is world famous for being home to incredible food. There's quite a few items that you can get here that you can't buy anywhere else. Of course, if you can it's definitely not the same.

8. Check out this made in NY hot sauce. 


For example, any fan of bagels would appreciate you giving them a bag of bagels from Absolute Bagels. You can also bring back amazing brownies from Fat Witch Bakery famous in NYC.

There is always an all-Kosher hand-crafted babkes Babka from Green's. Or how about a grown-up version of the candy bar, Buttercrunch made with handmade Brooklyn Brewery beer syrup cooked right in and candied mustard seeds - dipped in dark chocolate and coated with beer caramel pretzel nuggets and nuts. Yam! BeerCrunch from Roni-Sue's. Or this amazing grilling spice mix made in Green point, Brooklyn. 

9. Brooklyn  Grilling Spice Set


The best part is that you can tailor your food gifts for every recipient on your list, not to mention they're a lot cheaper to get in person than if you were to order the items online, especially if they're coming from different retailers.

New York City is a vibrant and energetic city, one where you can find almost anything that you could think of needing or wanting. There's so many different items in stores and even sold through street vendors that you won't be able to get anywhere else, and if you do, you'll certainly pay a good amount either for the item itself or to ship it out to you. Getting the gift directly from the city is a more personalized approach, and there's nothing more special than knowing what you're bringing home comes right from the heart of NYC.

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