The most unique gifts are the ones made from creative materials, and vinyl record stores offer a rare new material for artists and gift shopeprs. Vinyl records have become an incredible medium for artists, especially in New York City, which has long been a haven for music and creative types. They make great gifts for musicians, artists, collectors, or music fans.


Anything you can think of can be made from vinyl records: bracelets, home decor, kitchen ware, clocks, notepads, phone cases, jewelry… we’ve even seen menorahs and Christmas ornaments made from vinyl! Vinyl record gifts are the trendy way to say you deserve something awesome!

Visiting NYC and need a cool gift? Here is a NY handcrafted and unique store you can visit:

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Looking for NY adventure?
This gem of a gift store, hidden away in a Manhattan side street, is almost like a speakeasy for NY gifts. You take an elevator that whisks you to the 4th floor, you check in at the front desk, where the shop staff will take you on a tour of New York's coolest items.  Here you discover a place with some of the most unique and sought after gifts in NYC.
33 West 19th St 4th Floor
New York, NY 10011

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New York Art


Wrecords by Monkey

This shop in Bushwick has been featured all over the internet and last christmas even made Jack White's (from the White Stripes band) vinyl record Christmas ornaments. From jewelry, which has been featured on Fashion Week, iphone cases, and all sorts of quirky items, the Wrecords by Monkey shop has an incredible variety of seasonal vinyl record merchandise.

Brooklyn Phono

Located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn Phono is able to take recycled vinyls, shred them, and then rerecord on them. They're one of the only studios who does this in the entire country, and they're located right here in New York City. If you've been wanting to make a one-of-a-kind custom vinyl record, this is the place to get it done.

Academy Records

This chain has been around since 1977 and still boasts the largest collection of vinyl records, CDs, and LPs. From vintage to rare vinyl records, you'll find it all here along with an incredibly impressive selection of rock and jazz. They have 3 stores in Manhattan, so for any serious vinyl collector, there's no reason not to stop by and take a look.


Check out these amazingly unique gifts that artists, music lovers, and collectors will love:

Straight from Brooklyn, born and raised, comes designer and artist Monkey Chirico. His passion for music combined with fashion has led him to create magnificent pieces with New York’s favorite medium, vinyl records. From fully functioning clocks, to wall art, even bracelets and notebooks, everything made by Monkey is crafted from authentic vinyl records.

Some of his designs have even graced the New York City runways, and now they’re available to grace your home. Monkey’s team of artists work with precision to coordinate the best looking vinyls for a unique product every time. Definitely makes for a great conversation piece.


Vinyl Record Art

All at once unique and visually stunning, this vinyl artwork has been handcrafted by local Brooklyn artist, "Monkey". Store with a unique style and edgy NYC feel, this work of art looks great displayed on any wall. His Bushwick Studio crew are always creating new designs, and experimenting with unique color combinations for their silk screen and laser cut vinyl record art.

Displaying some of the favorite parts of the city, this is one piece of art that they won’t soon forget.

Notepad Made from Vinyl Records


They can write, or draw in this notepad that'll be made from a different vinyl record everytime. Hand crafted from Vintage Vinyl Records. A truly beautiful gift, it is educational and inspirational. Tell them how artist Monkey and his crew makes this item. For kids, writers, musicians, or collectors, the amount of history and passion that goes into the creation of these vinyl record gifts is mind blowing. 

Find it here.

Vinyl Record Clocks


For a modern and unique souvenir option, you cannot go wrong with NY Vinyl Art with a twist. Handcrafted by NYC artists, this clock is a true piece of art.

Displaying the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty, this is a chic twist on a souvenir. It’s a great choice to hang in any room of your home, to serve as a reminder of your trip to the Big Apple. Find it Here.

Vinyl Records have become multipurposed as a new form of art, so anyone can really jazz up their gift shopping by adding these to your list of must have items. Especially as gifts for musicians, as gifts for DJs, or anyone else who you think could use a truly unique gift, Vinyl Records are the way to go.

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